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family members of people dealing with depression

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family members of people dealing with depression


October 15th, 2007

Thursday, I met with the kiddo's teachers. His disrespect has been increasing, it seems, & been pretty consistent with most of the teachers. Because of a similar problem at home, we've decided that he IS going to go back on antidepressants. He doesn't like this, but we, as parents, have to do what we think is best for him even when he doesn't like it. (Keep in mind this is a vast summary & we are able to compare attitude now w/before he stopped his Welbutrin.)

Wish us all luck.

September 10th, 2007

kiddo & meds

Stonehenge No Good - _my_best_shot
I blogged about my kiddo going off of his anti-depressants. It just seems lately like I'm going to have to make him go on them again. He just seems darn-near constantly irritable & argumentative. I know, normal for a teenager... But I can compare this with 2 months ago when he was on his meds. It seems to be a big difference.

I hate it. I wanted this to work out. And I hate the idea of forcing him to take meds he doesn't want to take. (Then again, he didn't want to take them when he first started either. But he was younger.)

But it just kind of seems like this spiral is going downward faster & faster and that the brakes need to be put on, even if he hates it. *sigh* Being a mommy is hard.

August 6th, 2007

new comm

Bono - Somedays are Better... larahewson
This is a new community I've created called folksdepression

The description is: "A place for parents, family members, & loved ones of people dealing with depression & dysthymia. Also welcomed are people dealing with depression & dysthymia who would like to give tips, encouragement, etc to family of other depressed & dysthymic people."

Feel welcomed to join or to point anyone that might be interested toward this comm. Thanks.
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